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24 Sep 13 18:43

I currently live in the East Village of New York - an area badly hit by Hurricane Sandy.

In the aftermath of the storm I witnessed first hand the impact that flooding can have as we were left without power, mass transit and something we take for granted - mobile phone service - for days after the storm. My apartment is located outside the mandatory evacuation zone so I had wrongly assumed that like previous hurricanes I wouldn't be particularly affected. I was wrong, yet even then I certainly got off lightly compared to many people in Breezy Point, the Jersey Shore and Staten Island.

Experiences like mine with Hurricane Sandy are repeated hundreds of thousands of times over throughout the world when natural disasters strike urban areas. People wrongly assume they are "safe" when in fact, they are not.

Swiss Re's new publication 'Mind the Risk' helps us understand the true potential impact that natural disasters can have in our cities and urban areas. It assesses more than 600 major metropolitan areas looking at how at risk they are from natural disasters.

Do you know know how exposed your home is?

Mind the risk: cities under threat from natural disasters | Swiss Re - Leading Global Reinsurer

The world's sprawling cities are centres of economic activity and growth....

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Location: New York, NY

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Megan Linkin - 25 Sep 2013, 6:49 p.m.

Those of us who work and live in the NYC metro area will remember Hurricane Sandy for a very long time, and with so many weather/climate related nat. cats. globally, it's sometimes easy for forget about the seismic risk. As the study finds and USA Today points out, the nine of the top ten most at risk metro areas are heavily exposed to earthquake. Two earthquake exposed cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco, top the US list.

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