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25 Sep 13 12:45

The risk perception survey reveals some thought-provoking views on caring for those close to us. I took a look at the question - 'Imagine that someone you are close to, e.g. your partner or one of your parents is in need of long-term care. Which of the following would you be MOST willing to do to ensure that this person receives such long-term help with eating, bathing, or moving about, either at home or in a nursing home?' - and sought to compare the responses of young people (aged 15-29 years) in Japan and the UK.

I chose these two countries mostly due to their cultural diversity.

UK respondents were more willing to pay more tax in order fund public care (13.5% vs. 6.8%) as well as to provide the care themselves, even if this meant quitting work or working less (20.8% vs. 8.5%).

However, respondents from Japan were more willing to pay for care through their own income or savings compared to UK respondents; 42.5% vs. 28.3%

Risk Window | Swiss Re;cnt=516;age=16

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