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12 Apr 13 06:50

Tasneem Essop is WWF South Africa's international climate policy advocate. In this clip she talks the fundamental link she sees between climate change and dealing with poverty. Where is that "global leadership" she says is needed? And if all leadership takes national interests first - then could this "global leadership" be the 99% of the world - the people - i.e. a grassroots movement?

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Daniel Martin Eckhart - 12 Apr 2013, 8:03 a.m.

Tasneem Essop also headed the WWF COP18 Delegation (Doha 2012). In this clip she talks in this clips about urgency and ambition. She talks about the need to rebuild the trust lost between developed and developing countries and says all countries have to do their fair share to tackle climate change. She added that many of the larger developing countries could and should up their ambition levels, and move their economies on to a path that is less carbon intensive.

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