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05 Nov 13 15:19

Click the link below for the truly inspiring story of a dad who found a way to get his son who was born without fingers an affordable prosthetic hand. We hear a lot about the dangers of 3D printing and its lack of regulation, but in this instance free plans posted on the internet were able to change someone's life.

Furthermore, due to the low price (estimated by his dad as just $5-10) and the fact that young Leon McCarthy is just 12 years old, when he outgrows his hand, his family won't need to buy a new prosthetic for tens of thousands of dollars, they can simply print a new one.

Perhaps not a permanent solution for Leon, who may choose to use a more life-like prosthetic in his adult years, but a truly thought-inspiring idea for younger, still-growing, children in need of prosthetics both here and in poorer parts of the world.

Watch the news clip here:;=FGSo_I86_lQ

Dad Makes Son 3D-Printed Prosthetic Hand..

There are a multitude of ways a father can make his son happy but this one is a little special. Twelve-year-old Leon McCarthy was born without fingers on his left hand - so his Dad, Paul, made him...

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Rashunda Tramble - 5 Nov 2013, 3:39 p.m.

Fabulous story. And it shows the benefits of 3-D printing. This could be a goddess-send for children in poorer countries. But are prosthetics regulated as medical devices? I wonder how manufacturers feel about this.

Rob Hurst - 5 Nov 2013, 3:45 p.m.

Good question with regard to the manufacturers - 3D printing's disruptive nature shows itself again...

Daniel Martin Eckhart - 12 Nov 2013, 8:41 a.m.

Love this. Thanks for sharing, Rob - talk about Open Minds! The legal system has to find new ways - yes, 3D printing is disruptive technology - it'll change thinking, products and laws we're only just beginning to realize. But this do-it-yourself creation of products will only increase. All those in existence before the advent of this disruptive technology need to instantly get over "being disrupted" and instead learn, adapt, embrace and move forward!

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