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09 Nov 13 18:47

As a French cook I particularly enjoy(ed) cooking all sorts of fish. Not only for the taste but also for the diversity, shape and color of this “essential food” (as my grandma used to say). Each of us can today easily buy fish in any supermarket and from any continent. Eating fish makes your cooking travel around the world at a reasonable price. This dream has particularly been made accessible over the last thirty years thanks to fish farming.

I am not an expert in the food industry but value conscious customers who read many books and articles on the food industry. What appears the other side of the coin (for the fish industry) looks unfortunately shocking and fairly well illustrated in the French documentary linked below.

Horror stories of fish originating from the highly polluted Mekong river or from the Baltic sea containing high levels of poison, being frozen in contaminated river water and injected with hormones derived from urine, or showered with pesticides of unknown (and unresearched) effects.

So there it is: The fish industry makes me nauseous: To think of what we have been eating since years, and from what I understand has been harmful to health or to the environment, and should be prohibited!

Is fish farming the worst player in the food industry?

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Alicia Montoya - 10 Nov 2013, 9:51 a.m.

Confession: It took me 3 attempts to watch the whole documentary. I literally had to stop every 20 mins or so and take a break. What can I say. I find it shocking that contaminated farmed fish is even sold. What good are food safety institutions if we're still being poisoned by corporations like the ones in this documentary? I feel like the only weapons we have as consumers are information (bless you, free internet) and choice (via how we spend our dollars and where we place our votes). And they're very powerful weapons if we all do our bit.

So, here's a call out to mankind: Check where your fish comes from. Do not buy farmed fish. Demand standards from our Food Safety agencies and governments. If we're to SAFELY feed 9 billion, we have to cease intensive farming (due to the related toxins required). So don't be afraid of vegetables, I assure you, life without / with less meat and fish isn't half as bad as you think... And it certainly won't kill you anywhere near as fast as contaminated farmed fish will. For all those who speak French, watch the documentary... and share it with all those you love.

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