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15 Nov 13 10:29

Food security is about having enough to eat – that's what we all think. Unfortunately that's not the whole truth. The system that delivers our food must also be resilient against outside shocks and must provide the right nutrients.

Prof. Hans Herren – recipient of the World Food Award – described this challenge at the start of a United Nations international seminar on "Nutrition and Sustainability" which took place at the Food and Agriculture Organization headquarters in November 2013.

Resilient means
• high biodiversity – so that plant pandemics cannot knock out harvests worldwide
• that agriculture generates work so that people have a viable income
• less energy consumption – currently 10 calories of mainly fossil fuel energy are needed to produce one calorie in food form

Though indicators point in different directions, current trade and economic systems tend to favor
• large monocultures, which are prone to plant-pandemics worldwide
• economies of scale - to be as cheap as possible resulting in minimal workforces
• high energy input which depletes resources and contributes to climate change

Looking at these facts it became clear that something needs to change in the economic framework. But the question is what and how?

Swiss Re's Centre of Global Dialogue in Rüschlikon (near Zürich) will host an event to discuss these issues on December 3, 2013. You can join live by either coming to Rüschlikon or participating in the live-webcast. Register here:

And if you you'd like to share ideas and questions in advance please post them here:

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