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15 Nov 13 12:35

One of the consequences of the so called arab spring is that 100'000 children leave the schools yearly due to economic and social reasons. There's a huge risk of getting back analphabetism in North Africa, which leads to unemployment, which leads to illegal migration (Lampedusa...)

With our association Express Invest Tunisia we fight against this trend!

Amor Ben Hamida
Express Invest Tunisia
Adliswil/Switzerland and Djerba/tunisia

Amor Ben Hamida -

Verhinderung illegaler Migration aus Nordafrika und Unterstützung lokaler Projekte in den Bereichen Landwirtschaft, Fischerei, Gewerbe und Handel sowie Armutsbekämpfung und Investition in Bildung.

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Location: Tunísia

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Jennifer Rodney - 15 Nov 2013, 3:12 p.m.

Hi Amor. Thanks so much for sharing about this project. Indeed, eduction is so essential and this was a point that was raised just last week at the CRO Assembly Swiss Re co-hosted. I believe investing in the next generation and empowering people through education are among the best tools we have to transform the world, so it was really encouraging to hear people like former Banque de France governor Jacques de Larosière speak decisively on the topic of education. He shares some of his views in this video:
Keep up the good work in Tunisia!

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