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13 Apr 13 18:11

Unclear communication about risk is a risk. During hurricane Sandy the NHC had no system in place to issue clear warnings to the public. People may have underestimated the dangers posed by Sandy. Going forward the NHC has the means to warn should a similar situation occur. Risk reduced!

Sandy criticism prompts change in storm warnings

Responding to criticism after Superstorm Sandy, the National Hurricane Center said Thursday it would change the way it warns people about tropical storms that morph into something else.

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PalkinZed - 26 Apr 2013, 7:10 a.m.

Hi Andreas!

I agree! A lack of communication is a risk, but not just in the re-insurance and disaster industries. I have known a lack of communication or unclear communications cost companies millions of dollars because individuals/teams/groups thought some things were "understood" and did not need to be communicated. Big mistake!
Perhaps public safety entities should take a lesson out of the play book of advertisers/marketers, and develop a clear concise message and constantly bombard the public with said message. Think about all of the branding information you know about 100s of products/services! If you put that marketing/advertising industry savvy to the public health/safety sector, think about the impact we could make! :)


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