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24 Nov 13 06:32

Be the change you want to see in the world. We could never escape from this fact, but an individual or a group of dedicated individuals could only do as much. The fact remains that the people who could actually make a difference to the world, are busy working their lives off. While a few manage to quit all to help people, the other few start helping only after earning enough money.

Human life has a limitation called age and in order to help people around, this shortcoming has to be overcome. There is only one way to do this and that is to make a tradition and hope it to be long serving. A tradition which would evolve with time and not become another religion. A tradition which is followed by the best people in the world.

So, where such a tradition could take place? At companies like Swiss Re of course!!! 150 years old and with a talent pool to envy... What could be a better place! Add few other companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft, ABB and more and more and what will we have? The worlds best serving the world's not so fortunate.

Such an organization could give a boost to the various humanitarian work that United Nations is doing. The companies in partnership with other companies (perhaps from diverse industries) could choose a region and try to make a sustainable living for the people there.

This idea came out during another discussion started by Clara Maingi:

And my belief became stronger when I read the post by Vivian Xu where Swiss Re along with other companies set out on a noble cause in China.

I believe only once a United Corporates is formed, the Earth's civilization would move in the right direction. We could see more Einsteins when people's minds will be less busy with trying to survive another day.

Do you think it is possible or would it help?

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Alicia Montoya - 9 Dec 2013, 8:39 p.m.

Well, wouldn't a United Corporates face the same problems that other global organisations / governments face when trying to come to a consensus? I personally increasingly believe that local, grass roots initiatives are the way forward and that corporates / governments will only act together once the cost of not acting becomes higher than the long-term investment required now which would put them "at a disadvantage" with respect to competition. Of course, that's only true if we look at the issue short-term...

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