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04 Dec 13 10:56

Bicycles outsold cars in the European Union for the first time in 2012!

As somebody who embodies the cyclist in Zurich – Freitag bag over the shoulder, city bike – that's great news for me.

I love cycling and I love going around the city on my bike. Even in hilly Zurich it is the fastest way to go to work or from point A to B. It's dangerous sometimes but still, that does not put me off.

And I like the designs. Bikes are becoming ever more beautiful. Though a resource conscious person, I don't mind to own three at the moment – most likely more to come.

And because of hip designs bikes are back in fashion which I think is good. Because most of the time we don't do things because they are right – like having a work out included in the commute, not contributing to climate change – but because they are fun!

And a beautiful bike on a sunny day is fun – especially when you leave all the cars parking in the queue on city streets behind you.

Looking at the numbers in Europe more and more people seem to feel so, too. And that's from my bike's point of view a good prospect for the future.

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Jennifer Rodney - 4 Dec 2013, 11:29 a.m.

Bernd, this is less to do with reducing emissions, but it's a great example of innovative design and hopefully will encourage even more people to take up biking - and biking more safely. Have you seen the video about these new "invisible" bike helmets? I love the designers' passion for of thinking outside of the box and looking for completely different solutions to existing challenges.

Marta Antonova - 30 Jan 2014, 3:19 p.m.

I am glad to hear that the number of bikes sold was higher than that of cars. I still noticed at the end of the article though that 6(!) cyclists were killed in London for the period of only two weeks!
I strongly believe that communities, governments and their representatives should become more active in encouraging cycling. In many cities constant traffic jams polute the air excessively and hinder people in their daily lives. Getting more people to cycle to work, school, etc. is an easy option to solve these problems. But, of course, not on the cost of peoples lives! The right way to do it is to ensure the infrastructure first and then to state that cyclists are part of the traffic and have accordingly their rights and responsibilities when on the road.

Jennifer Rodney - 30 Jan 2014, 3:48 p.m.

I think you make a good point Marta. When I first moved to Zurich, I was amazed to see how bicyclists were a regular, integrated part of the flow of traffic in the city. Bike lanes are plentiful and well marked and car traffic knows to expect bikers and how to drive with them in mind. SO different from where I grew up in the United States - where cyclists are few and, depending on the city - not always welcome by motorists! Infrastructure does make a difference!

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