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12 Dec 13 16:17

A while back I posted about an organization called NY Sun Works which provides New York students an opportunity to learn about sustainability and science through hands on experience. Via their Greenhouse Project, they're inspiring and educating young people by teaching them how to grow food in rooftop hydroponic farms within the city. You can watch the founders share the story of the project here:

As part of Swiss Re's 150 Years Anniversary, we're creating a documentary on how to transition from the questions and risks of today to a resilient, sustainable future. As part of the project, our film crew got to catch up with the Greenhouse Project, where they captured one student's passion for rooftop greenhouses.

Watching this young person grinning as she explains the planting process, it occurs to me that through programs like this, the next generation can't help but have a totally different perspective on resource management, climate change, sustainability and even nutrition. Different perspectives can lead to innovative solutions, which is exactly what we need to tackle complex, interconnected problems like climate change, resource management and food security.

So I was excited to read about NY Sun Work's goal of establishing 100 labs by 2020. The more kids that have the chance to get their hands dirty and their imaginations fired up at the Greenhouse Project, the better! Click the link below to learn more and get involved.

New York Sun Works: The Greenhouse Project

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