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13 Jan 14 16:47

Finding the balance. - 9 billion by 2050, this brings many challenges to us and future generations, the main topics have been highlighted here and I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on the topic. The main issues are having sufficient energy and food in the future and how to care for the ever growing longer lives. In addition to this we will need more jobs, more housing, more leisure facilities.

Most of these problems will compete for one single resource - space/land.

We need to be smart about how we go about solving these issues. Which is why I get annoyed when reading articles like these: and

There are many locations that could be used for solar farms that do NOT include using agricultural land. This includes industrial buildings, homes, over motorway (which could lead to safer roads by providing shelter reducing water, snow / ice on the roads. There is also the issue of distributing the power and if you have these huge energy farms, how do you transport the energy to where it is needed and what is the cost and energy losses in doing this? Would it not be simpler to produce new energy locally?

Schemes could be created to install panels on groups of houses (in suitable location with good energy returns) where the home owner has to choice to contribute towards the cost and receive energy in return, or for all the energy to be used by the company funding the installation.

Subsidies need to be made available for viable solutions which take into account the other needs of the future, and not as a way to make money at the expense of other needs.

This site is interesting and for those of us who struggle with German it translates well in Google Chrome.

I would be interested in hearing other people's views on these topics

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