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17 Apr 13 07:31

From April 2016 Government will introduce a £72k cap to social care costs in England. This should open up opportunities for financial services companies. Listen to our podcasts and join in the debate. How can we help more people with care costs in later life?

Category: Funding longer lives: Long-term care

Location: England, United Kingdom


Russell_Higg - 18 Apr 2013, 9:04 a.m.

This was a really good event - and just a starting point. It seems to me that it is a very complex and interlinked area, with no "silver bullet" solution. Creating new products simply will not solve the issue. A major awareness campaign is required and ultimately people need to change their behavior and view on lifetime social and financial planning.

Sally-Anne Etienne - 18 Apr 2013, 2:08 p.m.

Agree and we are right at the centre of the debate. We are also keen to hear peoples ideas on how to engage and help accelerate this behavioural change

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