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24 Jan 14 17:17

There's nothing good about being hit by a natural disaster, but a bad situation can be made even worse by lack of knowledge and preparation.

Imagine what you might face returning to your home for the first time after a disaster. There are so many question, and so much to do, that every time you answer an important question, a new one pops up.

For example: You return home and find your house had two feet of flood water in it. The Question is What do I do first?

The first consideration is safety. Turn the electricity off, be sure no water is running and that there is no gas leak. Then, call and report your damage to your insurance agent.

Second, and only if the house is safe to go into; go and get the valuables such as guns and money, plus your insurance policy if you can find it easily.

Thirdly, as soon as possible, secure lodging and a place to stay, because everyone else will also need a place.

And this is just the beginning...

Individuals, governments and the insurance industry all have a role to play in disaster preparation and recovery. Knowing how to react after a natural disaster occurs is one part of the equation, but what else can be done to prepare for and reduce the risk of such events?

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