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18 Feb 14 20:13

The International Labour Organization recently published an update on how people affected by Typhoon Haiyan are recovering from the storm 100 days later. As the report note, "Almost six million workers have been affected by the typhoon. Of these, 2.6 million were already in vulnerable employment and living at or near the poverty line even before Haiyan." The report highlights some initiatives that are helping people get back on their feet by offering jobs that pay a living wage and offer real dignity, but it also highlights the plight of people like "Romeo Ellaso, a 59 year-old welder from Basey, on the nearby island of Samar" who lost the tools he needs for his job. 

Yet another example of why access to reliable financial products including micro-insurance are so vital in poorer, at risk communities.

Philippines: 100 days on, Haiyan survivors need more jobs to recover

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Location: Tacloban City, Eastern Visayas, Philippines


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