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20 Feb 14 09:52

Greenpop is a social enterprise based in Cape Town South Africa. They have a clear focus, simple and powerful - they plant trees. It's easy enough to see the obvious gains from producing oxygen to sequestering carbon dioxide to increasing biodiversity ... but there's much more that's happening and that's where the real power lies.

In the clip Nokuzola Dlabantu (principal at Masikhululeke Educare Centre) and Misha Teasdale (Co-founder of Greenpop) talk about the effects of planting trees. A thousand trees were planted in Cape Town, some of them in this neighborhood. And Greenpop did (and does) this together with communities.

Watch the Day of 1000 Trees here >

Big deal, you might say - but these 1000 trees are not just 1000 trees. These 1000 trees are thousands of hands that helped dig holes and plant young trees. These 1000 trees are also thousands of minds who think greener and are far more conscious of their environment. And those 1000 trees are also thousands of hearts who feel empowered, who feel rooted, who feel pride.I wish and hope that many such projects happen throughout the world. This is the best way to reach communities, both present and future generations - by doing things, by getting hands dirty, by planting and by watching it grow.

On their website Greenpop writes: "We live in built environments and its easy to lose touch with the fact that we live on earth and it sustains us. Getting our hands into the soil reconnects us with nature. Tree planting has benefits that reach far beyond carbon sequestration - different cultures, races and ages come together to do something that benefits all."

Click here to see Greenpop's map of planted trees >

Nokuzola and Misha say in the clip - the place used to have a lot of litter. Now, less than three years after planting the trees, it's become a little oasis that gives the community in general, and the children in particular, a strong sense of pride and place. Nokuzela has attended a Greenpop training and now she tends to the trees together with the students. As Misha says: "Nokuzola is a real eco-hero." Here's hoping that many more become equally active - the world, and our kids, need these heroes!

Greenpop - Planting trees, changing lives. Social Enterprise

Urban greening and reforestation projects in Africa, planting trees in schools for social upliftment of communities, with volunteers and corporate team building groups.

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Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


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