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20 Feb 14 15:13

Lovemore Forichi is one of Swiss Re's Senior Agriculture Underwriters - his work centers around providing agriculture risk management solutions to our clients on the African continent.

When he gave us a bit of his time for an interview, we had to ask about the name first - Lovemore - what a brilliant name. He said, with a big smile, that the name had been his mother's idea and that it meant exactly what it said ... certainly a great message!

In his role, Lovemore is as much at home in the reinsurance environment as he is on the ground in Africa. In this clip he explains the two challenges greatest to a thriving agricultural landscape in Africa - a) lack of knowledge and b) lacking access to finance. There are countless efforts by governments, corporate entities and NGOs and Lovemore sees a great deal of goodwill to help the African farmer. But the challenge remains the connection on the ground. Trust must be built up with farmers, connections to knowledge need to be fostered, strengthened and maintained - and farmers need to have "skin in the game".

In a 2011 article, Lovemore wrote the following about this "skin in the game": "The greater the involvement of all stakeholders from the beginning, the higher the likelihood of attaining higher levels of food security. Instead of the government going it alone, there is need for the involvement of the farmers and the private sector from the onset. This can be in the form of incremental premium contribution in nature until eventually the risk transfer products become a commercial offering."

When asked about a question he'd like to ask in the Open Minds platform - his focus remained squarely with the farmer: "How do we make sure that, whatever we do, whatever effort we make, whatever resources we allocate, will eventually benefit the end user, the intended beneficiary?"

Read Lovemore's Open Minds blog "For all the tea in Kenya":

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Bernd Wilke - 13 Mar 2014, 3:48 p.m.

Hi Dani,

they will do a roundtable again in Africa this June. And there are even more coming to talk about how to help farmers to weather storms, floods and droughts.

Daniel Martin Eckhart - 13 Mar 2014, 4:03 p.m.

If you have more details regarding the roundtable - and maybe also how people can sign-up, join, participate virtually, share the link. Cheers! D

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