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20 Apr 13 06:45

Are earthquakes Acts of God that we should accept or should we take action? In times of crisis, governments struggle to set priorities in public spending. Here the Earthquake that hit my beloved city of Athens 14 years ago. The Hyogo framework for action is a plan to help set priorities. It gives details on how the various partners from different sectors can collaborate. For instance states should ensure that the management of risks associated with geological hazards, such as earthquakes and landslides, are fully taken into account in disaster risk reduction programmes.

In times of crisis we should not forget to build our houses on the rock. And the insurance industry can help government assess where protective actions can and should be taken from an economic perspective, and where financial instruments such as reinsurance pools or securitisation may be considered.

Deadly Earthquake Hits Greece

PlusDeadly Earthquake Hits GreeceDeadly Earthquake Hits GreeceThe Associated PressA strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.5 struck southwestern...

Category: Climate/natural disasters: Earthquakes, Resilience

Location: Athens, Greece


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