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08 Apr 14 11:47

The wait is almost over! On 9 April, the world will see Solar Impulse 2, the plane that will undertake the ultimate technological and symbolic adventure of flying around the world powered only by the sun. Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, as sole insurer of the project and one of its main sponsors, will be in Payerne, Switzerland to join the celebration. You can also watch it online:

The predecessor of the new plane was actually a prototype - and what a prototype it was! It had huge success, with many first-ever achievements, particularly its crossing the United States from coast to coast in 2013.

The partnership Solar Impulse - Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is not about changing the landscape of commercial aviation. Solar Impulse doesn't carry passengers but a message about the potential of renewable energy and clean technologies for a more sustainable future - concepts which are at the core of our long term aspirations.

The partnership is also about inspiring entrepreneurship and pioneering spirit. Risk-taking is at the heart of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, which strives to enable innovation by taking care of the risks that come with breakthrough projects and breakthrough technologies.

Image courtesy of Solar Impulse. Source:

Solar Impulse 2 to be unveiled soon | Swiss Re - Leading Global Reinsurer

In 2012 Swiss Re Corporate Solutions became the sole insurer of Solar...

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Erika Frey-Hasegawa - 9 Apr 2014, 12:58 p.m.

Cool! Sounds exciting :-) These Solar Impulse guys are always on the cutting edge of technology and great at engaging with their audiences worldwide.

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