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22 Apr 13 07:26

Charles Eugster, born 1919 in London, is the world's oldest competitive oarsman and bodybuilder. His TEDx Talk gives insights into his "three principles of successful ageing" - they are, in this order, work, diet and exercise. We talk about "active ageing" today - maybe the whole longevity topic could be tackled more strongly by pushing it to Charles Eugster's "successful ageing?"

Watch Charles' TEDx Talk here:;=player_embedded

Why bodybuilding at age 93 is a great idea: Charles Eugster at TEDxZurich

Of the recent changes that the human race has experienced, the increasing population numbers are especially dramatic and worrying coupled with the frightenin...

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Alicia Montoya - 25 Apr 2013, 9:34 a.m.

Good points (and what an inspiring guy!)! But how long will it take our bodies to adapt to the drastic changes our livelihoods have undergone so as to for instance instinctively prefer low calorie food if we have office jobs, rather than leaning towards the quarter pounder because our ancestors used to starve for days and then gorge on any high calorie food they could get their furry hands on?

And in the meantime, what can government do to incentivize behavioral changes? Clearly, being healthy is more expensive than not: Fresh, organic food is more expensive than 2 for 1 frozen pizza... Joining a gym is more expensive than watching TV in your living room... walking or riding your bicycle to work takes more time than driving in many cases...

Human beings are all about incentives. Therefore, in my view, the government should help themselves and the population by investing in us now (e.g. via subsidized gym memberships, improved food standards that tax bad food and subsidize fresh...) rather than paying for the consequences later. Of course, that means having to fight very powerful lobbies...

Gavin Montgomery - 28 Apr 2013, 6:29 a.m.

You could add this video of the amazing Tao Porchon - a 93 year old yoga instructor:

Daniel Martin Eckhart - 28 Apr 2013, 9:20 a.m.

Thanks for adding the link - what a great gift to learn about this remarkable woman. Aside from her great physical condition, I love the her way of looking at life, the power of breathing, breathing out the bad and focusing on the good. Hard to argue against the success of her ways if you watch the clip! Again, thanks for sharing.

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