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27 May 14 09:41

Food divides:
Daily bread with genetically modified organisms for the masses and organic artisanal bread for the rich!

Can we steal ordinary people’s daily bread and create parallel realities? The new age craze on “artisanal bread” and organic food for the elites is creating big food barriers and divides in South Africa. There is an unchallenged assumption driving the food, hunger and poverty debates across Africa.

It is happening across the world, with the globalized homogenized food and wellness industries, aiming at the rich and creating a food culture which is beyond affordable for ordinary people.

While food dialogues and new age food culture rages on in South Africa, making normal ordinary food beyond ordinary people's purse strings, the rampant violation and mutation of food culture by the forces of supermarket in collusion with the government support, seldom gets sufficient attention.

A naval-gazing attitude of new food cultures are making it impossible to have a common dialogue on politics of food and well being - a dialogue that is overdue, a dialogue that is inclusive and making health and wellness a simple basic human right with equally simple basic choices of choosing what kind of food to put in our bodies, what kind of food makes us sick and what makes us well.

The state propaganda machine and many stakeholders benefiting from the global wellness industry is punting for a globalized prescriptive health model leaving very little choices for ordinary people even to buy a loaf of bread, leave alone butter!

Please see below African Bio Safely research exposing the percentage of our GM in our supermarket bread that is not even labelled. The story of our daily bread is being compromised big time. It seems the few bread cartels controlling our daily bread are not concerned about GM in our bread . Most of the supermarkets bread, according to African Bio Safety research, contains alarming proportion of GM and as consumers we cannot even exercise our choice by refusing to buy these bread as these are not labelled.

According to their recently released report "GM Contamination, Cartels and Collusion in South Africa’s Bread Industry", just four companies – Tiger Brands, Pioneer Foods, Premier Foods and FoodCorp – control 70% of the wheat-to-bread value chain.

Download the report here The African Centre for Bio Safety are calling for a petition, please see their website, and support their call.

Note: The photo of the stacks of bread below is from the school kitchen of Rishi Valley School (India) - bread made from locally grown millet, rice and sorghum by the local farmers-steam baked in the school solar steam kitchen.

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Alicia Montoya - 10 Jun 2014, 6:39 p.m.

I think we need to distinguish between mass production (95% of British bread comes out of only 2 bakeries! At least according to Guardian journalist Felicity Lawrence in her great book "Not on the label") and GMOs.

Then we need to distinguish between using / banning GMOs and labelling: while I think it's fair for companies to experiment, consumers and citizens should be informed and given the choice.

So thanks for your post and links. I have duly signed the petition asking for transparency :)

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