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23 Apr 13 09:20

As part of the Open Minds project people from around the world shared their thoughts. In this clip Lou Ann Martinez gave us a moment of her time shortly after hurricane Sandy devastated her neighborhood. What she shares is amazing - what was most overwhelming for her was not the disaster, but the volunteers that rushed in to help.

If climate change leads to more pronounced disasters as was the case with hurricane Sandy - will the global community need to shift away from increasingly hazardous zones such as river and ocean shores? Or do we "simply" fortify, e.g. build higher levies?

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Location: New York, NY

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Urs Leimbacher - 29 Aug 2013, 3:59 p.m.

Another Sandy experience - from Haiti

Read this brief testimonial by Haitian Rafania Fleurime at

An impressive case of how Sandy smashed the livelihodd of many thousands - and how insurance coverage can effectively help people get back on their feet, reopen their shop or factory, and get "back to normal".

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