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23 Apr 13 17:59

A huge storm in Rio de Janeiro's mountainous region is considered the biggest climatic tragedy of country's history. The number of victims exceeded the recorded of 1967 in the city of Caraguatatuba, on the northern coast of São Paulo. That was the biggest one until then, where 436 people died.

In 2011, from January to April, the state of Rio de Janeiro had 283 deaths: 53 in Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande at the turn of the year; 166 in Niterói where was located the Morro do Bumba; and 64 in Rio de Janeiro and other cities hit by April's storm.

It was reported that all the supply system was affected in that region by power outages and damage caused by the rain, even reaching the main point of the captured city - Rio Grande de Cima , still without power after 8 days of the storm.

Unfortunately the government is not prepared to handle situations like this one yet.

Category: Climate/natural disasters: Floods/storms

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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