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23 Jan 15 10:36

We're in Davos this week for WEF 2015, and we have a lot on our much that I wonder how my colleagues can do it all with beautiful smiles on their faces.

I guess when you're discussing topics you really believe in, getting by on little sleep and a lot of coffee is no problem. For example, at WEF 2012, committed to providing insurance coverage to 1.4 million smallholder farmers in Africa in five years as part of the Grow Africa program. Not only did we reach the goal early, we provided coverage for 2 million smallholder farmers. I asked our CEO Michel Liès to explain why we made this pledge. Check out his response above.

We're also talking to folks in Davos about climate change and another important topic, infrastructure investment.  “If you take all the insurance industry, all the money they can invest, and if you take the infrastructure need of this planet -- there is a perfect match,” Liès told Bloomberg News at WEFCNBC has published a commentary from Swiss Re Chairman Walter Kielholz on the topic:

"Incorporating the private sector would kill two birds with one stone: it would ease squeezed state budgets and open up infrastructure investments to institutional investors as an alternative investment opportunity – an important point as they grapple with historically low interest rates," Kielholz writes.

How about following us in Davos to learn more?  Check us out on Twitter (Swiss Re and Swiss Re Global Partnerships) and on Linked In.

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