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06 Feb 15 13:12

I'm really passionate about renewable energy, clean technology and how they can support a sustainable future. And I also really admire the risk-taking that enables innovation. This is why I'm proud of Solar Impulse and its attempt to fly around the world only using solar power.

Solar Impulse is the first plane that can fly day and night without fossil fuel. Although it does not carry passengers, it carries a message for individuals and businesses to not be afraid to push the boundaries of innovation. It's also a large step in changing our perceptions of energy use and consumption. Many of the technologies and techniques used in Solar Impulse are already commercially viable and can be applied across different industries, thus paving the way for future innovations and pioneering developments.

We encourage innovative spirit at Swiss Re. We do this by using our expertise and risk-transfer knowledge to help others realize their dreams for a greater good.  The fact that the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices have recognized us as the world's most sustainable insurance company may times shows this. In this spirit, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is an official partner with Solar Impulse and the sole insurer of its round-the-world mission in 2015.

Right now, the newest and most advanced Solar Impulse prototype, HB-SIB, which completed its first flight in June of 2014, is preparing for its mission around the world. It will leave in March from Abu Dhabi. On January 20, I had the privilege to join Solar Impulse at its press conference during WFES in Abu Dhabi where the route around the world was announced.

Follow the Solar Impulse conversation and stay up-to-date on the round-the-world flight on social media using hashtags #Si2, #SolarImpulse and #RTW. Follow Swiss Re Corporate Solutions on Twitter: and join our LinkedIn group here to participate in discussions on key topics shaping the insurance
industry. You can also connect with me directly on Twitter @JuergTrueb.

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