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19 Feb 15 15:42

The Swiss Re Corporate Solutions' claims team has been developing a road map for our clients to better understand our claims management philosophy and procedures. This is something that every insurer should openly share with its customers. My team calls it our claims commitment.

Our claims commitment is a differentiator; it’s more than an insurer's contractual obligation to pay a covered claim. It’s a key moment of truth in the way our clients and their brokers understand and evaluate claims service.

As the global head of claims for Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, I believe that how a claim is resolved and how my team handles a claim is as important as the claim itself. And I have a really simple way of thinking about what success looks like. There may be many reasons a client chooses to come to Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, but I believe claims should be a big reason they stay. This is especially true in the difficult situation where a claim may not be covered under our insurance policy. My team and I hold ourselves fully accountable to ensure that clients are informed and understand our coverage position, along with our claims commitment philosophy.

As detailed in a recent article by Peter Newall, head of our Asia Pacific claims team, the claims world has changed quite dramatically over the past 30 odd years. What hasn't changed though is the need for excellent service. My team and I aim to deliver proactive, responsive claims services tailored to clients' needs. What does this mean? It means the claims commitment goes beyond technical expertise. It has to encompass a service culture which differentiates us from other companies. This includes connecting with clients and their brokers to establish strong personal relationships beyond managing individual claims.

I value the importance of sharing this strategy with everyone involved in the process, including other insurers and the broader market. Ultimately, an effective claims process requires collaboration and open communication amongst the insurance industry and its third-party service providers to ensure we are all aligned in putting our customers first.

Click here if you'd like to read more about Swiss Re Corporate Solutions' claims commitment.

Nicola Parton on Twitter @NicolaParton

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Greg Steele - 19 Feb 2015, 10:01 p.m.

Thanks for the blog! As you know, the response we have received to our Claim Commitment has been overwhelmingly positive; well beyond what I had anticipated! More important to me are the multiple communications with specific feedback from a satisfied broker or client for HOW we handled their me that shows we are making a difference.

Jim George - 28 Feb 2015, 6:05 p.m.

Thanks, Nicola. You said it well. Like you, I believe that insurers should be very open about their claim handling philosophy and approach and that is exactly what we do with the Commitment, in clear and unambiguous terms. To me the Commitment is truly about putting our insureds at the center of all that we do when handling a claim and being there for them, when they need us most. One of the many things that I like about the Commitment is our approach to coverage and coverage issues. The goal is to not leave our insureds or brokers in the dark, guessing about our coverage position. And, where there may be coverage issues, we are committed to openly and honestly discussing them. This is the right thing to do. The Commitment is really about treating our insureds as the valued customers that they are and giving them multiple reasons to want to stay with Corporate Solutions.

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