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02 Apr 15 19:08

In his recently published blog entitled "A Brave New World of Human Enhancement", my colleague Reto Schneider notes that recent technological advancements make it possible to 'enhance' the human body, mind as well the ability to modify human reproduction. Reto cited three types of human enhancements: mechanical, biological & temporal.

I could not help but think about what these "enhancements" mean for the administration of health care and the role of clinicians. Many of these enhancements are very exciting and may lead to profound changes in disease management, but as noted, will also lead to legal and ethical challenges.

For example, medical professional liability is based on established standards of care. Will new standards of care emerge? How will clinicians manage questions of prolonging life and quality of life? Concerns will emerge as to who is afforded the benefit of these enhancements and who is denied.

As this technology emerges, liability underwriters need to be mindful of emerging exposures and the underwriting challenges they present.

Check out this infographic - what do you think? :

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