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08 Apr 15 12:54

Solar Impulse 2 is doing what other plane hasn't: flying around the world on solar power. And we're pretty darned proud to be connected to the proud that we're tagging along!

Okay, not really tagging along (there's only room in the plane for pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg:-)). The History Channel has documented not only the "Flight for the Future," but how and why we joined the Solar Impulse project.

The channel is airing eight mini-documentaries highlighting the Swiss Re Corporate Solutions / Solar Impulse partnership. You'll meet some of my colleagues and hear why they're so passionate about the Solar Impulse project and what it means to us. You'll also hear from Borschberg and Piccard about their hopes and dreams for the project.  And if the first one is any indication, there'll be a lot of excitement ahead.

Check out the video!

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