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20 Apr 15 06:57

The impacts of climate change pose a formidable challenge to today's and future generations. If global warming exceeds 2°C, significant changes of the weather and climate are expected in many parts of the world. To avoid a 2°C warming, a rapid and substantial reduction of our current CO2 emissions is needed.

It's our generation's responsibility to reduce our CO2 emissions to ensure that the 2°C warming will not happen.Last Friday Swiss Re together with 42 other companies published an open letter to the world leaders committing to reduce their CO2 footprint and to take climate risk into consideration for their business operations. This is a laudable commitment, as action is needed both from the state governments but also from the private sector if we want to significantly reduce our CO2 emission.

I assume that this commitment is not purely altruistic, but based on the realization that major economic impacts are to be expected as a consequence of climate change together with new economic opportunities; and insights gained by these 43 companies might be relevant for many other companies. I hope that the 42 will be successful and that concrete actions will follow the commitment. I also hope that other companies will follow their lead and that their message will be heard in Paris.

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