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26 Apr 13 08:17

Are we in danger of viewing the issue of longer lives as a problem and perhaps viewing the older generation in a negative light? The experiences and insights of older people are where the solutions are; maybe we're looking at this issue from the wrong end. Inter-generational dialogue, partnership and learning would add amazing colour to this whole area. The experience and lifelong reflection of older generations shared in this way would be a key to future solutions.

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Matt Singleton - 26 Apr 2013, 5 p.m.

I completely agree. Ageing societies are not a problem and nor do they need to be. All generations have a role to play in the society of the future.

Alicia Montoya - 27 Apr 2013, 2:50 p.m.

As a Spaniard, I find it really sad to see how the Western model is evolving. I grew up in a house with my grandmother, parents and brother. We also had frequent family get togethers as typically close-knit Spanish families do. I always had loved ones around me, of different ages and perspectives, which helped make me who I am. Nowadays, it seem parents spend their adult lives slaving away at their (sometimes multiple) job(s) to pay for someone else to care for their parents and children. My gran made the best babysitter in the world, my parents got to spend much more time with us and money was never too short for a proper family meal. I don't think individualism (which I strongly support) needs to mean everybody living in single match boxes buying pre-cooked single meals at Tesco's. Have we gone too far in our quest for personal comfort and lost our sense of community? We need to be honest here - can't blame Thatcher for everything ;)

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