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26 Jun 15 15:15

We've just uploaded the first publication to Swiss Re's Centre for Global Dialogue app library "Health Risk Factors in Rapidly Changing Economies," a compendium of articles from our joint project with the Harvard School of Public Health.

You'll find essays and data analyzing developments in risk factors associated with increasing prevalence of chronic, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in major emerging markets.

The incidence of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), stroke, diabetes, cancer, accidents, and mental health issues are rising rapidly, providing a major challenge for providers and funders of health care. The prevalence and costs to the health care system is a concern to insurers and public health officials alike.

Some of the key lessons you can find in the publication are:
- CVD is with 41% the leading cause of death in China causing significant financial distress
- Estimated 3 years lost life expectancy in highly air polluted cities such as Beijing
- NCDs are the largest health burden in Brazil enhanced by ageing population and obesity
- 50% decrease in smoking prevalence in Brazil since 1989 due to strict tobacco control
- With 65 million diabetics India is often referred to as the ‘diabetes capital’ of the world
- India's nutrition transition is shadowed by a sudden steep increase in type 2 diabetics
- Hypertension is present in 1/3 of Mexicans in their 40ies which is causing high CVD mortality

You can download your copy on your iPad or Android.

More information on the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue can be found on our website. Check back soon for more of our cutting edge publications on emerging risks and effective risk management.

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