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28 Apr 13 07:34

Renowned speaker and writer Chandran Nair talks about the social contract, the promise to the other person and essential value systems. What he sees and what he says adds to a recurring theme I see - that lasting change will come from societal change, from a global shift in human values. The "social contract" Chandran Nair talks about - can governments foster this - or will this grow purely bottom-up?

Find out more about Chandran Nair at - plus many more great clips (and TED Talks) if you just YouTube search his name - time well spent!

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Jennifer - 6 May 2013, 8:24 a.m.

Interesting premise! I have traveled through much of Asia other than Japan and boy do I wish those areas had a similar attitude to the Japanese regarding toilets!!!! On the other hand, during my travels it was very interesting to see the role of Buddhism in regional cultures and how much caring for one's family and neighbours is a part of the way of life. Also interesting was the reciprocal relationship between a community who supports local monks and nuns through donations and how the temples enriched the community by providing education opportunities, etc. In many of the poorer countries where government fell down regarding social services in remoter areas, cultural and religious motivation in individuals and communities often seemed to help meet needs.

Veronica - 10 May 2013, 4:30 a.m.

I like the idea, and I believe we should aspire to lofty ideals, but must confess that pragmatically speaking - I wonder how achievable a 'global social contract' is going to be? I live in multicultural Singapore, made more so in recent years by the influx of foreign nationalities with their own norms and values, and I can see increasingly even just within Singapore (as a microcosm of Asia), that a common agreement or a social contract, is neither common nor easy to negotiate.

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