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30 Apr 13 11:25

I've just returned from WEF Latin America, where we have announced a three-year collaborative project with the GEM Foundation to create the first-ever comprehensive picture of seismic risk in Latin America to incorporate social and economic factors:

Earthquakes are an ever present risk in Latin America, where, over the past 25 years, these natural disasters have claimed 80,000 lives and caused nearly $37 billion in economic losses. It's time to act now. Mitigating earthquake risks in Latin America is the focus of the GEM (Global Earthquake Model) project. The Swiss Re Foundation has announced its three-year collaborative commitment to this project.

As its Vice Chairman, I am so pleased that the Swiss Re Foundation is working with the GEM Foundation. Understanding all the risks of earthquakes is essential to calculating its hazards especially in densely populated cities such as Lima, Peru or Quito, Ecuador. Latin America's ability to bounce back has always struck me as exemplary. More on that in this WEF blog:

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Andreas Schraft - 4 May 2013, 8:10 p.m.

I like this project. It gives people the knowledge to make smart decisions about earthquake risk. Ultimately, this will lead to less victims, less suffering and more prosperous lives for many. It is going to take time. But we have started the journey.

Alicia Montoya - 5 May 2013, 10:20 a.m.

At Ceres' conference last week, Heidi Cullen of Climate Central rightly pointed out that personal experiences with risk are key, and how Sandy had helped people understand the reality of climate change and its very real risk to their lives. Having grown up in San Francisco, located on the same San Andreas Fault that the cities addressed by this project Michel talks about are on, I know just how strong earthquakes in that area can be. I remember sky scrapers literally wobbling towards each other like jello. That was thanks to the amazing earthquake–resistant building technology that most buildings have there. I would hate to live in that earthquake prone area without mitigation measures and am delighted about this new step that will help protect my friends in Lima, Quito.. and beyond in the future. Please keep us updated on progress so I can share with my friends :)

ClimateGroup - 8 May 2013, 4:42 p.m.

Interesting article. The transition of a clean revolution is already starting to get underway in Latin America, but we must link risk management and low carbon investment as mitigation strategy to avoid the worst affects of climate change and secure a better future for the region's inhabitants.

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