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How well can we predict North Atlantic hurricane activity?

Hurricane activity in the North Atlantic has gone through extended, multi-decadal periods of generally above-normal and below-normal activity. "Active" periods ...

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Urban Floods and Insurance: Insights from India and Asia

On 29 August, 2017, as Hurricane Harvey was still pounding the city of Houston, Texas, with an unprecedented1000 mm of ...

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Scientia potentia est.

Scientia potentia est. Knowledge is power. This widely acknowledged truism applies in so much of our modern world particularly in ...

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Insuring for Externality to Natural Assets and Capital

The current thinking on insuring of natural assets and capital is one of solving an externality problem. The externality being ...

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Insurers are at the end of the NatCat risk management chain

Losses from natural catastrophes are rising sharply both in Europe and throughout the world. In 2016, natural catastrophes and man-made ...


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Houston buried under 54 feet of snow?

By Matt Junge, Phil Pratley, and Samantha Dunn

The Houston office of the National Weather Center estimates that Hurricane Harvey ...

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Closing the protection gap - partnering with the Pacific

The Pacific is our largest ocean – with half of Earth's oceanic water and around 25,000 islands. 

Most Australians ...

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Little yellow boots - make a difference for your grandchild

2050 - this is the year I am supposed to retire. 2050 is also the mid-term horizon of many climate change ...

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Hurricane Andrew: The good, the bad and the ugly


Back in 1992 I was working at a large Reinsurance Company in their property underwriting division and was ...

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Positioning Canada to be a climate change leader

I recently attended a GLOBE Capital event in Toronto that brought together leaders from both the public and private sectors ...

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"Take pride in your company"

I grew up in what many might consider a traditional family. My father, the breadwinner, donned a suit every morning ...

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Insurance - China's path to advancing a clean energy future

Almost exactly a year ago, Xi Hu PhD Student at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford posted an interesting ...

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Robots in eldercare: C3PO or Paro?

"I suggest a new strategy, R2, let the wookie win." 
Star Wars: A New Hope (or simply "Star Wars" if ...

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Roarrrr!! by Lady Debbie

Tropical Cyclone Debbie affected Swiss Re Group 1Q 2017 result with a net loss of USD 350mn. Here are the ...

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