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How well can we predict North Atlantic hurricane activity?

Hurricane activity in the North Atlantic has gone through extended, multi-decadal periods of generally above-normal and below-normal activity. "Active" periods ...

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Shining a light on earthquake risk in eastern Canada

As I write this blog, news of a second earthquake striking Mexico and its devastating impact on a country that ...

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Scientia potentia est.

Scientia potentia est. Knowledge is power. This widely acknowledged truism applies in so much of our modern world particularly in ...

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Insurers are at the end of the NatCat risk management chain

Losses from natural catastrophes are rising sharply both in Europe and throughout the world. In 2016, natural catastrophes and man-made ...


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Hurricane Harvey – A Test for Texas

Last week I traveled to Texas to conduct loss investigation surveys in the wake of Hurricane Harvey with the Insurance ...

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What are the economic impacts of hurricanes?

Harvey just finished its devastating path over the country – last as a tropical depression – and hurricane Irma is developing into ...

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Hurricane Harvey: We can do better.

I am currently traveling home from a post disaster survey trip in southeast Texas, as part of a team with ...

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Houston buried under 54 feet of snow?

By Matt Junge, Phil Pratley, and Samantha Dunn

The Houston office of the National Weather Center estimates that Hurricane Harvey ...

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Hurricane Andrew: Then and now

Today, we mark the 25th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew's landfall in South Florida. As we remember the devastation and ...

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How Andrew changed the re/insurance industry

Twenty-five years ago, the devastating forces of Hurricane Andrew hit Florida. At the time, it was the costliest insured natural ...

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Out of the rubble a market was born

August 24, 1992 will be a day many Floridians will never forget. Hurricane Andrew was a truly devastating event and ...

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Closing the protection gap - partnering with the Pacific

The Pacific is our largest ocean – with half of Earth's oceanic water and around 25,000 islands. 

Most Australians ...

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Are we ready for the next Hurricane Andrew?

Twenty-five years ago, insurers and reinsurers responded to rebuild communities destroyed by the devastating forces of Hurricane Andrew. In 1992 ...

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Hurricane Andrew: The good, the bad and the ugly


Back in 1992 I was working at a large Reinsurance Company in their property underwriting division and was ...

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