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Closing the protection gap - partnering with the Pacific

The Pacific is our largest ocean – with half of Earth's oceanic water and around 25,000 islands. 

Most Australians ...

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Are we ready for the next Hurricane Andrew?

Twenty-five years ago, insurers and reinsurers responded to rebuild communities destroyed by the devastating forces of Hurricane Andrew. In 1992 ...

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Hurricane Andrew: The good, the bad and the ugly


Back in 1992 I was working at a large Reinsurance Company in their property underwriting division and was ...

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"Take pride in your company"

I grew up in what many might consider a traditional family. My father, the breadwinner, donned a suit every morning ...

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Hurricane Andrew - an event that changed property insurance

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, some 25 years ago now, I can vividly remember the pictures of Homestead ...

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Robots in eldercare: C3PO or Paro?

"I suggest a new strategy, R2, let the wookie win." 
Star Wars: A New Hope (or simply "Star Wars" if ...

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25 years later: Reflections on Hurricane Andrew

As the cliché goes, every [hurricane] cloud has a silver lining.

On August 14, 1992, a small and seemingly insignificant ...

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Coming from The Great Wall: A property underwriter's story

Growing up in Beijing in China, just 50 miles south of the Great Wall, I always wanted to explore the ...

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Roarrrr!! by Lady Debbie

Tropical Cyclone Debbie affected Swiss Re Group 1Q 2017 result with a net loss of USD 350mn. Here are the ...

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Fort McMurray - One Year Later and Lessons Learned

One year ago today the community of Fort McMurray was preparing an evacuation for what would be one of the ...

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三月中旬的西雅图和撒冷温暖湿润、气候宜人,来自约翰霍普金斯大学保罗尼采高级国际研究学院(SAIS)的一行人来到北美西北岸,展开了为期一周的实地调研。这项调研活动由四位SAIS学生联合瑞士再保险公司发起,旨在探究该地区(英属哥伦比亚 ...


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Lights Out: Keeping Power Grid Running in Natural Disasters

The widespread power outage caused by natural disasters has become a rising and evolving risk all over the world. Superstorm ...

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What does US hurricane season have in store this year?

It's said there are two things that are inevitable in life – death and taxes. Yet in my chosen field ...

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Flooding and the higher ground

Of all the earth’s perils, flooding is arguably the most vexing. It’s invasive, aggressive and unpredictable. It can ...

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Capital (Back)Allocation by the Covariance Principle

For portfolios of risks with high degree of clustering – concentration, risk and capital metric (back)allocation is best accomplished by ...

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