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Staying ahead of the climate conversation

Every year, Climate Week in New York City brings much needed attention to the larger topic of climate awareness and ...

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Urban resilience initiatives are key to nat cat recovery

In recent years, cities around the world are taking concrete steps to protect their residents against natural disasters, including building ...

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Disaster relief corruption

I've just spent a month in the Philippines enjoying countless picture-perfect beaches and their unbelievably rich and varied marine ...

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We need to change the way we produce and distribute energy

If we don’t change the way we produce and distribute energy; millions will be left behind.

The world is ...


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Canute ( Cnut ) Engineering is Dumb

King Canute (Cnut) ruled the Anglo-Scandinavian or North Sea Empire (England, Norway, Denmark, and parts of Sweden), until his death ...

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Behind the scenes: Swiss Re and Signorell Films

Folks from all walks of life and backgrounds have a part to play in building resilience. Don't believe me ...

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The Blue Tsunami meets the Silver Tsunami

This week, I had the great fortune of participating in the very first Chief Resilience Officers' Summit as part of ...

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WNYC: "Future Storms Could Lead to Financial Disaster"

Did you know that most city property in New York City - except public housing and hospitals - isn't properly insured ...

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Phil Ryan on the HuffPo: three points for urban resilience

Right on the heels of helping kick off Climate Week NYC, Swiss Re Americas Chair Phil Ryan is sharing his ...

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National Disaster Mitigation Strategy - Canada

2013 set a record in Canada as the first time the country has suffered two natural disasters causing more than ...

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Swiss Re goes to Washington (sort of)

On April 22, Earth Day, I spent the morning in Miami Beach,Florida, testifying before Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), who ...

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Higher Ground

Earlier this month, I shared a video excerpt of my conversation with The Wall Street Journal editor and Stanford University ...

STORY URL: ECO:nomics: Preparing For The Big Storm
How can companies prepare for environmental disasters? J. Eric Smith, President and CEO of Swiss Re Americas talks about what steps companies can minimize their risk.

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"Earth Hour is nothing but an ineffective feel-good event"

In his recent USA Today article Bjorn Lomborg states that "Earth Hour" is nothing but an "ineffective feel-good event". Lomborg ...

STORY URL: Lomborg: Earth Hour just a feel-good campaign
Instead, give light to the 1.3 billion people who still live without electricity.

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An environmental educator's way to raise awareness

Environmental educator Steve Brill has a special way to reach his audience and create a lasting awareness for nature around ...

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