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Southern fried resilience

Floods, earthquakes and tornadoes form a large part of the urban resilience discussion. I've experienced two of these.

(Catch ...

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Light Show Over Chicago: The Midwest Derecho

Mother Nature kicked of the 4th of July celebrations early this year, with an impressive light show over the Chicago ...

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National Disaster Mitigation Strategy - Canada

2013 set a record in Canada as the first time the country has suffered two natural disasters causing more than ...

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When it comes to tornadoes, always expect the unexpected

Albert Einstein once said, "One need only to think of the weather, in which case the prediction even for a ...

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In Brazil, some drains are more equal than others

On the morning of June 16, my attention was caught by a tv journalist telling the world about one of ...

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A hurricane, regardless of the name, is not very sweet

The start of the 2014 hurricane season coincided with the release of a study from the University of Illinois which ...

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Wising up on flood

Megan Linkin's post on the Dixieland tornado outbreak makes sobering reading.

Personally, I can't imagine what it must ...

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Learning lessons from the recent Dixieland tornado outbreak

The last week of April was not a good week for the residents of the Midwest and South. A multi-day ...

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Swiss Re goes to Washington (sort of)

On April 22, Earth Day, I spent the morning in Miami Beach,Florida, testifying before Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), who ...

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UPDATED: Late April Tornado Outbreak

2014 has so far been a fairly quiet year for tornado activity. On average there are 299 tornadoes reported from ...

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Pineapple Express: An Atmospheric River to Sunny California

Early this year (Jan 2014), you may have read about Arctic air making its way to Florida. But what about ...

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"Earth Hour is nothing but an ineffective feel-good event"

In his recent USA Today article Bjorn Lomborg states that "Earth Hour" is nothing but an "ineffective feel-good event". Lomborg ...

STORY URL: Lomborg: Earth Hour just a feel-good campaign
Instead, give light to the 1.3 billion people who still live without electricity.

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Climate Change Resilience Depends on Public/Private Partners

This week, I joined more than 200 business leaders at The Wall Street Journal's ECO:nomics conference to discuss ...

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Learning from floods

Swiss Re published the much-awaited yearly sigma study on natural catastrophes last week. The highlights: In 2013, there were 308 ...

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Europe’s energy transition is in your hands!

Europe’s energy transition could be in worse shape indeed. While it is not certain whether the EU will meet ...

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