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Cancer death rates continue to fall

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) has published new data, forecasting that the proportion of people who die from cancer will continue ...

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Taking the pulse of healthcare costs

Just as gravity keeps us firmly grounded, universal forces seem to drive healthcare costs ever higher. Several major socioeconomic and ...

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Drip Irrigation - Need of the hour

With today's decreasing water resources, drip irrigation has become the need of the hour.

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Medical data sharing

It has been suggested that transparency and patient data sharing in medical research can improve patient care leading to an ...

STORY URL: Could sharing your medical records help save lives?
A damning report from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has revealed how UK red tape is strangling medical research that could save lives and is calling on ...

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New cities - building on top and between

Architect Alfredo Brillembourg talks about the importance of sustainability with any new building project. New city elements should not be ...

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How can we ensure food security?

Swiss Re's Clarence Wong, Chief Economist Asia, talks about food security challenges in emerging markets. His own grandmother was a ...

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Natural Catastrophe risk in Italy

A short violent storm spawned large hail and a powerful tornado in the Emilia Romagna region in Northern Italy near ...

STORY URL: Huge tornado strikes northern Italy
Injuries reported as tornado leaves trail of destruction in northern Italy.

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Major earthquakes: important lessons

BBC posted an article with interesting statistics / graphics about the fifth anniversary of the Sichuan, China earthquake, "one of the ...

STORY URL: Sichuan 2008: A disaster on an immense scale

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Who is funding the research?

The so-called 'dementia epidemic' is thought to be as a result of our changing demographic profile with regard to longer ...

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IBM Watson Healthcare

Successful medical diagnoses as well as appropriate treatment decisions are definitely two of the most important determinants of future longevity ...

STORY URL: IBM Watson Demo: Oncology Diagnosis and Treatment (2 min.)
The IBM Watson Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Adviser demo was created in close collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering, one of the world's preeminent ca...

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Medical breakthrough – lab grown organs

Scientists have been working to grow organs and other body parts from stem cells – cells which can become any type ...

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Boost for catastrophe insurance in Italy

Perils, the independent Zurich-based organisation providing industry-wide catastrophe insurance data, just announced that it is including earthquake and flood Italy ...

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Mini-livers 3D Bioprinting

With life expectancy predicted to exceed 76 years by 2050, scientists are investing a lot of time and effort in ...

STORY URL: 3D printer makes world's smallest human liver
liver bio-printing

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Tele-healthcare enables patients to monitor their conditions using mobile technology.

According to former UK health minister, Andrew Lansley, around 80 ...

STORY URL: Medical Breakthrough for Parkinson's Patients: Telemedicine
Analyzing the clinical and competitive impact of Telemedicine What is Telemedicine? - Use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via elect...

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Holstein cows in Vietnam

On a recent trip to Vietnam, I had the opportunity to see more of the country than just office landscapes ...

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