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Soviet-era practices mar Sochi Olypmics

As a youth, I studied Russian for 4 years because I wanted to read Dostoevsky in the original. But it ...

STORY URL: Castles in the sand
WITH seven months to go before the 2014 winter Olympics, Sochi is a gigantic construction site. Lorries run up and down dusty roads, excavators turn earth inside...

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Coal can shorten your life

If ever there ever was a reason to stop using fossil fuel, then it has to be this: Over decades ...

STORY URL: China's coal addiction 'shortens lives'

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Save resources by simple personal discipline

We all know by now the great EU objective "20-20-20" (20% of energy savings, 20% of usage of renewable energy ...

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Why carbon tax isn’t on Obama's agenda

Last month, President Obama outlined his second-term plan to address climate change. It includes a range of executive actions and ...

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Who has the guts to change the system?

Organic farmer Wendy Peter explains why organic farming cannot be compared to industrial farming. She shares that large-scale industrial farming ...

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The reality of urban resilience

In my last blog (, I explain why Swiss Re is supporting US city ...

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Monsun - unbürokratische Hilfe

In Indien profitieren heute mehr als 1,5 Millionen Bauern von Mikroversicherungen. Swiss Re bietet eine sogenannte Indexversicherung an. Das ...

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Banning plastic

Rwanda has banned non-biodegradable plastic and hopes to become the first plastic free country in the world, but as this ...

STORY URL: Rwanda's plastic bag-free utopia
Not so long ago, Rwanda suffered from an all-too-familiar problem in Africa: billions of plastic bags choking waterways and destroying entire ecosystems. To fight this scourge of the environment...

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Toxic time bomb in India

What you see below is one of the latest documentaries on the toxic asbestos trade in India and it contains ...

STORY URL: 101 East - India: Toxic Trade
More than 50 countries have banned asbestos products but India cannot get enough and is importing the mineral from Canada. Is India investing in a future hea...

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Drip Irrigation - Need of the hour

With today's decreasing water resources, drip irrigation has become the need of the hour.

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To frack or not to frack

Swiss Re regularly updates its expert assessments of the shifting risk landscape through an array of publications aimed at its ...


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New cities - building on top and between

Architect Alfredo Brillembourg talks about the importance of sustainability with any new building project. New city elements should not be ...

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How can we ensure food security?

Swiss Re's Clarence Wong, Chief Economist Asia, talks about food security challenges in emerging markets. His own grandmother was a ...

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Natural Catastrophe risk in Italy

A short violent storm spawned large hail and a powerful tornado in the Emilia Romagna region in Northern Italy near ...

STORY URL: Huge tornado strikes northern Italy
Injuries reported as tornado leaves trail of destruction in northern Italy.

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Major earthquakes: important lessons

BBC posted an article with interesting statistics / graphics about the fifth anniversary of the Sichuan, China earthquake, "one of the ...

STORY URL: Sichuan 2008: A disaster on an immense scale

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