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US Medicare 2016 High-cost Beneficiaries

The US healthcare system is among the world's most advanced, but is the highest-cost by far.

At Swiss Re ...

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The Craft of Smart Contracts

This year, May 2’nd & 3’rd, for
the first time the National Bureau of Economic Research [https://www ...

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Measuring Geo-spatial Insurance Risk Concentration

Practitioners view geo-spatial variability of insurable losses and claims as a significant risk factor in the definition of key business ...

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Insurance 2020+

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As insurance professionals we have been describing the lack of insurance ...


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Catastrophes, conversations and the client promise

As each of us across Swiss Re works to deliver on our client promise in a way that makes a ...

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"Hot Flat and Crowded"

As I said in my last post on Blockchain, I love reading things that broaden my horizons, teach me something ...

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Myths around 3D (bio)printing

Take care of your heart, you won't be able to print the spare one anytime soon!
3D printing is ...

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Plastics in our bodies: The next asbestos?

Plastics are everywhere. They're in our food, water and air. A recent study revealed that 83% of tap water ...

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Make Asia More Resilient - Closing the NatCat Protection Gap

Integrated actions needed to build resilience against frequent and forceful natural catastrophes amidst climate change

In 2017, Swiss Re counted ...

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Environmental sustainability and why it matters to Swiss Re

Around the world, Swiss Re is committed to minimising our impact on the natural environment. Our mission is to protect ...

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Insuring our changing world

The theme for the upcoming 15th Singapore International Reinsurance Conference, "Reinsurance Reloaded", is rather timely, as the world is undergoing ...

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Closing the Protection Gap in Just 24 Hours

For the past three years, I have been preaching the message of life insurance and closing the mortality protection gap ...

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Flood insurance for my own house?

Being a new immigrant family to the United States, there's no doubt that I need to learn a lot ...

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Fit for flood: improved modeling fuels market growth

The story of Alberto Castañeda of Katy, Texas, is a cautionary tale. He dropped his flood insurance last year so ...

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A different type of flood alert

Imagine you are sitting at home one night after dinner while a hurricane whips outside your door and rain pounds ...

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