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Sovereign risk transfer for developed countries? Absolutely!

Sovereign risk transfer is still a relatively new financial tool for the public sector. Benefits have been promoted mainly in ...

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Ever seen an Eiffel Tower floating upright in the ocean?

Imagine a wind turbine the height of the Eiffel tower, floating in the sea, connected to the shore via a ...

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Helping the development of renewable energy in Brazil

Innovation is a hot topic for the re/insurance industry these days. New products are being developed in order to ...

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Asia Pacific nations united in tackling disaster risk

From earthquakes along the Ring of Fire to landfalling category 5 typhoons, countries in the Asia-Pacific region of the world ...

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Offshore Wind - Protecting assets, operations and revenues

You might wonder what an insurer like Swiss Re Corporate Solutions has to say at an offshore wind Operations and ...


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Does genetics help to predict your diabetes risk?

We are well aware of the conventional predictors for type 2 diabetes. Besides non-modifiable factors such as age, gender, ethnic ...

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Stick to it! How to make better behaviours last.

What are the key drivers of long-term behaviour change in type 2 diabetes patients?

During the interesting panel discussion at ...

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At the frontier of offshore wind technology

In order to tackle global warming, many governments are heavily investing in renewable energy. By 2030, Korea has set themselves ...

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Tips That Will Help In Selection Of The Medicare Plan N Rate

All you individuals who are approaching 65 will require Medicare health policy. You can cover all the medical costs with ...

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Insurers' contribution to fight rising cancer burden in Asia

Cancer has a major impact on societies across the world. Half of us will hear the words “you have cancer ...

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Reawakening the spinal cord

More than 15,000 Australians – and many millions worldwide – live with a spinal cord injury. Sadly, each day this number ...

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Time for some intergenerational justice!

Australia has a world class aged care system, but it's under increasing pressure.

At a time when future funding ...

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What is reinsurance's role in Brazil's renewables landscape?

Green Power Global again gathered some of the biggest international and local names within government and private sector under one ...

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Harvesting energy in stormy seas

The energy sector has come under particular scrutiny as sustainable solutions are needed to contribute to the strengthening of the ...

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