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Positioning Canada to be a climate change leader

I recently attended a GLOBE Capital event in Toronto that brought together leaders from both the public and private sectors ...

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My life in cat modeling

Hurricane Andrew was a devastating event with far
reaching consequences. The massive insured loss caused the insurance industry to realize ...

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"Take pride in your company"

I grew up in what many might consider a traditional family. My father, the breadwinner, donned a suit every morning ...

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Insurance - China's path to advancing a clean energy future

Almost exactly a year ago, Xi Hu PhD Student at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford posted an interesting ...

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Hurricane Andrew - an event that changed property insurance

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, some 25 years ago now, I can vividly remember the pictures of Homestead ...

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Hurricane Season - the time to prepare is now

"The hurricane will never hit my house."
"The meteorologists have no idea where the storm is going." 
"What's the ...

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Understanding unconscious bias

Andrew vs. Katrina. What's in a name, and do people prepare more for male-named hurricanes than female ones because ...

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A World of Terror and Resilience

Most people in the world enjoy basic freedoms like the ability to eat in restaurants, attend concerts, dance at a ...

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25 years later: Reflections on Hurricane Andrew

As the cliché goes, every [hurricane] cloud has a silver lining.

On August 14, 1992, a small and seemingly insignificant ...

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Barisal: helping a city prepare for climate change

In the beginning was the water plane.

In Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, we boarded a small but hopefully robust plane ...

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Earthquake risk in Italy - the cost of inaction

In Mexico, we have a saying: "lo barato sale caro", which loosely translates into "buying cheap ends up being expensive ...

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Coming from The Great Wall: A property underwriter's story

Growing up in Beijing in China, just 50 miles south of the Great Wall, I always wanted to explore the ...

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Why the term "earthquake proof" could be bad for insurance

In various news articles and blogs, I keep coming across the term “earthquake proof”, e.g. “... how to earthquake-proof a ...


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Roarrrr!! by Lady Debbie

Tropical Cyclone Debbie affected Swiss Re Group 1Q 2017 result with a net loss of USD 350mn. Here are the ...

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Speeding up climate resilience in ASEAN

In 2016 climate change began to move at unprecedented speed. And as highlighted in the run up to the Paris ...

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