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How to feed 9 billion? Tell us YOUR ideas for YOUR FUTURE!

How do we feed 9 billion in 2050? Send YOUR ideas for YOUR FUTURE now!

On the 3 December 2013 ...

STORY URL: Connecting generations: Partnering for food security | Swiss Re - Centre for Global Dialogue
870 million people are hungry today. At the same time, 1.3 billion...

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Assessing the risks of household chemicals

We are all regularly exposed to a large number of the 80,000 chemicals in commercial use today. Worryingly, not ...

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We are cheap - at least with food!

Today is Word Food day and the slogan is "Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition". Currently we have ...

STORY URL: Cheap food is an addiction we must break
Tobias Jones: It's easy to make Tesco a pantomime villain, but shoppers and farmers must share the blame

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Happy world food day!

Happy world food day! Today we celebrate global food production, but maybe "celebration" is the wrong word. The world food ...

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The world does not care about hunger

While billions face starvation the topic hunger was not high on the agenda in the risk perception survey

http://riskwindow ...

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The agricultural disconnect

I've just come across Syngenta's brilliant new report on The Agricultural Disconnect, which looks at people's perceptions around the topic ...

STORY URL: Risk Window | Swiss Re;cnt=266286;age=1

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Will the oceans die in our lifetime?

Will we be witness to a mass extinction like none before? If we look at the latest status report card ...

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How to feed 9 billion people: an insurance approach!

With global population expected to top 9 billion by 2050, ensuring food security for the world poses a major challenge ...

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Agriculture as the villain

The most striking element of the second Swiss Re Regional Day, this time in London, was the way in which ...

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One year on from Hurricane Sandy: Building urban resilience

One year ago, Hurricane Sandy struck the Eastern Seaboard of the US, leaving billions of dollars of damage in its ...

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Re-imagining food

Every year, more than a trillion eggs are laid globally by hens kept in horrific conditions in battery farms. Josh ...

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Food waste - first comprehensive FAO/UNEP report

The Swiss Re Risk Perception Survey found that 68 % of those polled think that waste is the # 1 for food ...

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Trading microbes for pesticides

The American Academy of Microbiology have recently published a report in which they claim that improving the understanding of the ...

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For all the tea in Kenya

The Kenyan tea industry is an excellent reminder that insurance does not just follow growth in Africa – it is fundamental ...

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How do you feed the world without starving the planet?

This headline on caught my attention for a number of reasons. One, I just attended the Swiss Re ...

STORY URL: How do you feed the world without starving the planet?
With 7.1 billion mouths to feed, and plenty more on the way, the world needs to find new ways to feed its citizens.

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