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Of mom and meat

"Well it doesn't make sense to have Thanksgiving dinner without the turkey so I just won't cook." Her arms ...

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How food is irrelevant in feeding 9 billion- my perspective

Once upon a time, in ancient India (actually South India), there lived a great Tamil poet and philosopher called Saint ...

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Mein Weg zu mehr Lebensqualität und weniger Welthunger

Es gibt kaum ein Problem, bei dem wir Konsumenten so viel mit so einfachen Massnahmen erreichen können, wie im Bereich ...

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Be no longer hungry but get sick from toxic food

I just attended the food security discussion hosted by Swiss Re at the Center for Global Dialog. I was astonished ...

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Space Selfies: Will it change our attitude?

"They went to the Moon, but ended up discovering the Earth." That was more than 40 years ago when ...

STORY URL: Hi-Def Space Selfies Coming To Your Web Browser Soon
Coming soon—take the ultimate selfie from space!   Two high-definition cameras are on their way now to the International Space Station. There, they will aim to revolutionize how we view our planet...

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Haiyan & rural resilience for the poor

The floods of Haiyan are receding - and slowly it's becoming known how big the disaster is; not only in ...

STORY URL: Could micro-insurance help the poorest communities deal with climate change?
Dramatic storms like Haiyan are becoming normal and affecting the poorest populations; micro-insurance promises to increase their resilience

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Happy(?) World Fisheries Day

Today is World Fisheries Day. Not sure it's a day to celebrate but it's certainly a good opportunity to reflect ...

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Free food in Switzerland just launched today in Switzerland. "Foodsharing is an internet platform that gives individuals, traders and manufacturers the opportunity ...

STORY URL: Lebensmittel teilen, statt wegwerfen -
Auf foodsharing kannst Du deine Lebensmitteln vor dem Verfall an soziale Einrichtungen oder andere Personen abgeben

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We need a new business model to feed 9 billion – sustainably

Food security is about having enough to eat – that's what we all think. Unfortunately that's not the whole ...

STORY URL: Connecting generations: Partnering for food security | Swiss Re - Centre for Global Dialogue
870 million people are hungry today. At the same time, 1.3 billion...

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Shaping the agenda

Lloyd’s research into food security and safety aims to enhance industry knowledge about its impact on the risk landscape ...

STORY URL: Shaping the agenda
Lloyd’s research into food security and safety aims to enhance industry knowledge about its impact on the risk landscape.

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Is fish farming the worst player in the food industry?

As a French cook I particularly enjoy(ed) cooking all sorts of fish. Not only for the taste but also ...


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Interesting article on how "Big Data" is changing farming data key to ensuring global food security?

STORY URL: On America's Farms, Data Is the New Cash Crop
Today's farmers are using all of the technology at their disposal to increase yields, critical if we hope to feed a rapidly growing population.

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A horse is a horse of course – but where does it come from?

Apart from the famous Mr. Ed, our wise talking horse U.S. TV star, we well know that a horse ...

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The dating dilemma

In the run up to the "Partnering for Food Security" event at Swiss Re's Centre for Global Dialogue in December ...

STORY URL: The Dating Game: Harvard FLPC and NRDC Publish Comprehensive Report on Food Expiration Dates | Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic

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Launch of agricultural subsidy program in Machakos, Kenya

Speech by H.E. Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua, EBS during the launch of the agricultural subsidy program in Machakos County ...

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