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Health Care Reform - Busting the three Biggest Myths of Ob a

In the previous few months we've seen plenty of Health Care
Reform rules and laws being introduced by the ...

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How Far Can You Trust Online Reviews?

How Far Can You Trust Online

Before making a purchase,
you probably check online to see what other people ...


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Are you an Ostrich when it comes to retirement planning?

People today are living longer than ever before – if you reach age 65 in the UK, for example, you can ...

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Time for some intergenerational justice!

Australia has a world class aged care system, but it's under increasing pressure.

At a time when future funding ...

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Scientia potentia est.

Scientia potentia est. Knowledge is power. This widely acknowledged truism applies in so much of our modern world particularly in ...

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Robots in eldercare: C3PO or Paro?

"I suggest a new strategy, R2, let the wookie win." 
Star Wars: A New Hope (or simply "Star Wars" if ...

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Can microinsurance be a viable investment?

In complement to the blog that we are publishing on our website this week, I want to ask the question ...

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In with the old, in with the new · Swiss Re Foundation award

"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it" (George A ...

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InsurTech: To disrupt or be disrupted

Digital transformation is a pivotal moment in the insurance industry: it has the potential to revitalize our industry and to ...

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Grow old gracefully… but how?

Recently, I came across a quote by Eric Hoffer: "The best part of the art of living is to know ...

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Collaboration the key to innovation

Here's a statistic I found quite unbelievable when I heard it... Only 5% of corporates in Australia have relationships ...

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The scoop on product recall risk

When an ice cream manufacturer issues a recall it’s not just a headache for ice cream lovers, it becomes ...

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Are we ready for our future care needs?

Ageing populations will be a defining characteristic of most Asian societies in the coming decades. Attention is commonly focused on ...


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Does healthy eating cost you more?

24 years ago tomorrow, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and World Health Organisation (WHO) created World Diabetes Day held each ...

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