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Concussion – not just a professional sport issue

The issue of the long-term effect of concussion on professional sportsmen has become a major topic of discussion in the ...

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The futile search for universal "laws" of human behaviour

One reason I love attending the annual behavioural economics conference Nudgestock is that I always pick up a few brilliant ...

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Is gene therapy the key to curing Alzheimer's?

Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and detective Columbo … even the rich and famous are not immune from the curse of Alzheimer ...

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A wake-up call from Kilauea

A wake-up call from Kilauea: dormancy isn't an option when it comes to volcanic risk

Red lava, blue flames ...

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Are you an Ostrich when it comes to retirement planning?

People today are living longer than ever before – if you reach age 65 in the UK, for example, you can ...

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Helping the development of renewable energy in Brazil

Innovation is a hot topic for the re/insurance industry these days. New products are being developed in order to ...

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The US Opioid Epidemic - An Evolving Challenge for Insurers

The opioid epidemic in the U.S. continues to produce alarming statistics and has impacted many communities. Early last year ...


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Cybersecurity Protocol for International Arbitration

International arbitration in the digital landscape warrants consideration of what constitutes reasonable cybersecurity measures to protect the information exchanged during ...

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A surge of optimism in flood modeling

The upcoming hurricane season, which begins on June 1,  will be another big test of our ability to create a ...

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Artificial intelligence is now

The (Re)insurance industry used to have the label of one of the least innovative areas for customer experience. But ...

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Looking ahead while looking back on a record-breaking 2017

For insurers, 2017 was defined by a series of natural and man-made disasters that resulted in record-breaking losses. To that ...

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Dependence is the opposite of resilience

A couple weeks ago I met with Jane Portas, the lead author of a brilliant study called Securing the Financial ...

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U.S. Opioid Epidemic

This is an informative article about the U.S. Opioid "Epidemic," the related litigation against Opioid manufacturers, distributors and others ...

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The World is Flat

(The Insurance World Could Be, I Mean)

I love reading things that broaden my horizons, teach me something and make ...

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EMEA Claims LT - plastic fishing in Amsterdam

Plastic Fishing with
the Plastic Whale Foundation, Amsterdam.

Last Wednesday (2 May) 19 colleagues from the Swiss Re
Corporate Solutions ...

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