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Don't mistake data for reality

Interesting piece by Michel Liès published in the Wall Street Journal. He was asked "What do you think is the ...

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Food security as a basic right

Two news items caught my attention recently. In India, the cabinet has approved a bill to make food a basic ...

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Proactive Planning

Delray Beach has a history of successful planning. The Beach Property Owners Association is already meeting to discuss sea level ...

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Taking the pulse of healthcare costs

Just as gravity keeps us firmly grounded, universal forces seem to drive healthcare costs ever higher. Several major socioeconomic and ...

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Building with BRICS

One thousand delegates from 80 countries attended the Africa meeting of the WEF in early May. That is a considerable ...

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Retirement age should be 75, if not 85!

One of the greatest risks facing the world today is “risk management”. I put the term in quotes because what ...

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Four huge sun flares in 24 hours

Swiss Re's predictions on the impact of Solar flares looks pretty prescient all of a sudden. Especially with how ...

STORY URL: Four colossal Sun flares in 48 hours

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Drip Irrigation - Need of the hour

With today's decreasing water resources, drip irrigation has become the need of the hour.

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To frack or not to frack

Swiss Re regularly updates its expert assessments of the shifting risk landscape through an array of publications aimed at its ...


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Climate Change Insurance

How can we insure regulatory "instruments" such as water rights under a changing climate?

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Tube burger to be served in London soon

In the summer of 2011, Mark Post, a professor of physiology at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, made headlines when ...

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Medical data sharing

It has been suggested that transparency and patient data sharing in medical research can improve patient care leading to an ...

STORY URL: Could sharing your medical records help save lives?
A damning report from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has revealed how UK red tape is strangling medical research that could save lives and is calling on ...

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Reducing food waste

We have to stop wasting food. Just recently, the UK's Institution of Mechanical Engineers issued statistics showing that every ...

STORY URL: Global food - Waste not, want not | Institution of Mechanical Engineers
New global food report highlighting losses of over one billion tonnes of food each year.

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Concerned about food security yet?

I was in a jungle in Laos, mud splattered and sweating buckets on a two day bike trek when our ...

STORY URL: UN urges world to eat more insects

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Older People are Happier

Laura Carstensen, Director of the Stanford Center on Longevity, discusses the paradox of ageing. In this video, Laura presents research ...

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