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San Andreas movie: facts within the fiction

Released on May 29, 2015, the movie San Andreas tells the story of massive earthquakes devastating California as a helicopter ...

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Can we afford to ignore Himalayan quakes any longer?

The Himalayan Mountain ranges are largely known as a top destination for trekking because of their pristine peaks and breathtaking ...

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New global view on earthquake risk in CatNET

Compared to other natural hazards, major earthquakes are rare in most parts of the world. But, when they do strike ...

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Earthquake insurance: it's time to shake things up

Ask your neighbor and an underwriter the following question and you’ll get two different answers: “What do you think ...

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Disaster risk reduction: Can we do more?

NHK, Yomiuri and Asahi, all well-known Japanese media recently featured the SR study "Mind the Risk" which ranked Tokyo-Yokohama metropolis ...

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No room for complacency

Luckily, in 2014 the world was spared the "major" catastrophes of the magnitude seen in recent years, as the 2014 ...

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Risky cities & disaster resilience – looking at Los Angeles

In my January blog I highlighted urban resilience efforts as a key component to natural catastrophe recovery. Cities across the ...

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Canute ( Cnut ) Engineering is Dumb

King Canute (Cnut) ruled the Anglo-Scandinavian or North Sea Empire (England, Norway, Denmark, and parts of Sweden), until his death ...

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L'Aqulia: a town of broken promises

What happens when you depend on Madonna or the government to rebuild your town?

Apparently nothing.

And that's exactly ...

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The Blue Tsunami meets the Silver Tsunami

This week, I had the great fortune of participating in the very first Chief Resilience Officers' Summit as part of ...

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San Fran squares up to quake risk

If it's not an event in our own backyard, we're not really interested - even less so if it ...

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National Disaster Mitigation Strategy - Canada

2013 set a record in Canada as the first time the country has suffered two natural disasters causing more than ...

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Europe’s energy transition is in your hands!

Europe’s energy transition could be in worse shape indeed. While it is not certain whether the EU will meet ...

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Geneva Association Interview with Andrew Maskrey, UNISDR

This video provides an interview on the role of insurance in disaster reduction with Andrew Maskrey, UNISDR Coordinator for the ...

STORY URL: Geneva Association
The Geneva Association on Disaster Reduction

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World's riskiest cities

Tokyo tops the list of cities most at risk of natural catastrophes, according to new research that compares exposures of ...

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Tokyo tops the list of cities most at risk of natural catastrophes, according to new research that compares exposures of cities around the world.

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