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Insurance 2020+

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As insurance professionals we have been describing the lack of insurance ...


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Make Asia More Resilient - Closing the NatCat Protection Gap

Integrated actions needed to build resilience against frequent and forceful natural catastrophes amidst climate change

In 2017, Swiss Re counted ...

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Environmental sustainability and why it matters to Swiss Re

Around the world, Swiss Re is committed to minimising our impact on the natural environment. Our mission is to protect ...

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The mystery of Palu Tsunami

An earthquake of magnitude 7.5 is not a surprise for Indonesian region, which is located on the Pacific Ring ...

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Earthquake insurance - relief when it is most needed

Time and time again, as our industry watches the news of an earthquake striking somewhere on the planet we're ...

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Sovereign risk transfer for developed countries? Absolutely!

Sovereign risk transfer is still a relatively new financial tool for the public sector. Benefits have been promoted mainly in ...

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An Act of God? No Sir, an Act of Man

With the huge impacts of Irma, Harvey and Maria, the Atlantic Hurricane Season got extensive media coverage[1] last year ...

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Helping the development of renewable energy in Brazil

Innovation is a hot topic for the re/insurance industry these days. New products are being developed in order to ...

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Asia Pacific nations united in tackling disaster risk

From earthquakes along the Ring of Fire to landfalling category 5 typhoons, countries in the Asia-Pacific region of the world ...

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Earthquakes do not read codes

A recent article in the New York Times "San Francisco's Big Seismic Gamble" sheds light on the uncertainties associated ...

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Italy: Our natural catastrophe story nine years after the L'Aquila Earthquake

LET'S LOOK BACK …6 April 2009. 5.9 on the Richter magnitude scale, 309 fatalities, 1'600 people injured ...

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California Earthquakes- Science Matters

At Swiss Re our mission is to make the world more resilient.
That's why we're proud to support ...

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The Importance of Resilient Buildings

Most people believe buildings codes are designed so that a building can withstand a major earthquake. The fact is that ...

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A Complex Earthquake?

Yes, you read it correct, this blog is all about a complex earthquake. Can an earthquake be complex? Yes, though ...

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